what is half board at a hotel

Traveling requires you to choose a good hotel for both accommodation and meals. You may be on a vacation or a business trip to a place and you need a good hotel to sleep and eat at. As you choose a hotel for yourself you should always choose what the details in the pay package are. Take the most comfortable and most affordable for you so that you will be at peace as you stay there. You will find options like full board, half board, per person sharing and the likes. These are the most common options that hotels do offer to clients as they pay for hotel rooms.

What is half board at a hotel? The half board package is one that you choose to pay for accommodation, breakfast and your evening meal included in the price. This means that your day meal or lunch is not a part of the package. This form of payment is quite common in four star rated hotels and is quite convenient for those renting hotels for vacations, business trips as well as tourists.  This is because your package will sort you your bed, breakfast and you can now go and do your day activities while relaxed and eat out also as you know your dinner is catered for in the package.

Such kind of a package gives you the liberty of not having to come back to the room and stay hungry all night as you wait for breakfast just because you cannot afford the dinner payment. Most hotels will give the half board package and issue the guest with the list of restaurants to which the package applies to if they have more than one restaurant in the hotel.  As you take your meals you need to know that this is exclusive of drinks except the basic ones like team and juice.

Benefits of half board package

  1.     Convenience

Most people do not rent hotel rooms so that they can stay there the whole day. They are doing this so that they can have a place to rest in the end of the day after they have undertaken their day activities. Going for a half board package means that you can book a room, have breakfast there and leave and comeback hungry and have your meal catered for by your package. This makes it quite convenient for you. Let’s say you are travelling with kids on a tourist endeavor to another country and you opt for this option. During the day obviously you will not be in the room but as you come back your kids may be quite hungry and may need to eat. The half board package has your back on this as they will not sleep hungry.

  1.     Affordability

Choosing to skip one meal as per the package means the less expense you will incur. It’s actually quite affordable and reasonable as you can miss being in the hotel during the day as it happens most of the times. This means that you will not be incurring expenses of the lunch meal and you do not need to pay for it.   This kind of affordability gives you the liberty also go out and enjoy the meals of other restaurants in the country or area while at liberty of not still being charged for the lunch meal at the hotel you are staying at.

  1.     Bonding time

As you choose the half board method of payment you are giving your family or mates the best option there is. This is because you are choosing a method that will ensure that you start your day together and end it together. This is because as you wake up to a new day you will have a chance to have breakfast together then go and do your days hustle and come back  to dine together later in the evening. This is your bonding time of how the days was and share it out with the ones you were not together with during the day. There is no greater thing than sharing a meal and dining together after a day full of activities that you all had fun at. There will be lots of laughter and waking up the next day and doing it again is just amazing. This is why you should always choose the half board for the experience.