hotel housekeeping checklist

Housekeeping means fulfilling all cleaning duties and maintaining a home or work facilities such as a hotel. Housekeeping duties involve a responsibility to keep the hotel in the best condition in terms of cleanliness and to keep it in good shape for customers.

The housekeeping concept in the hotel seems simple. But this becomes a huge task if we look at the maintenance of a house of several hundred rooms. Housekeeping the hotel is a challenging task, including many jobs to keep clean and fresh in the rooms and areas of the hotel and hotel housekeeping checklist, will help them a lot. Housekeeping is very physical and tiring work. The role of the housework is to maintain cleanliness, comfort, and safety at home. As a rule, in this case, house cleaners were responsible for cleaning many rooms in each shift.

Hotels housekeeping is one of the most troublesome tasks for hotel owners, but if this is not done well, hotel owners should not consider reaching the top. The rooms in poor condition can never attract more and more customers.

Hotel management should ensure that cleanliness is maintained in all public areas, such as lobby, elevators, parking, swimming pool, etc. Cafes, conference room, banquet hall, and restaurants must be in good condition.

The primary role of the hotel housekeeping department is to clean the room. The housekeeper must clean the rooms and places before, during, and after the guest use the hotel room. The housekeeping is responsible for the accuracy, maintenance, and cleanliness of the entire area. The housekeeper is reliable for cleaning and disinfecting the rooms before and after the guest leaves the room.

The hotel survives by selling rooms, food, and beverages, as well as other simple operational services such as laundry, health club, business center, etc. It is responsible for check-in and check-out, postal, and informational services. Thus, housekeeping works more in the guest rooms and areas to provide guests with a clean and comfortable environment. The customer’s heart can only be won cleanly and healthily. Hotel housekeeping checklist is of big help when it comes to manage your hotel well and keep it clean.

The housekeeping department usually has an executive housekeeper, housekeeper, and floor manager. Without these employees, common areas and rooms will never be clean. Housekeeping departments also have supervisors who inspect the work, and many types of line staff, including cleaners, laundries, and other active staff. It is the responsibility of the team to place towels, bedding, pillowcases and table napkins separately in different sections of shelves.

Hotels are usually designed for the convenience of their guests, not the attendees. This fact makes it extremely difficult to improve working conditions for domestic workers. It also performs duties related to the decoration of the hotel. It takes care of repairing furniture and painting the hotel floor.

Cleanliness decides which customer to contact and which hotel does not. Practical hotel housekeeping makes more customers.

Attendees usually use a trolley to store their tools. The carts are equipped with chemicals and cleaning products to clean surfaces in the guest rooms and bathrooms. They are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, a broom, and a garbage bag. Teamwork can provide more evenly distributed work. The entire team is involved in work planning. The floors, walls, windows, mirrors, and bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned.

Housekeeping the room gives the first impression of the guest’s mind. Housekeeping prides itself on being clean and comfortable to create a home away from home. Home care personnel are also responsible for other areas, such as public toilets, conference rooms, and offices. Cleanroom and clean surroundings make customers happy. The hotel must maintain a well-designed cleaning program to win the hearts of customers. To attract guests and stay competitive, the hotel management has a policy that everything should be clean so that its customers shine.